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All of you who live, work and enjoy spending your time in the Dinaric Alps are seen as a part of the Via Dinarica family. Therefore, you are welcome to make use of the Via Dinarica brand and its visual identity.

However, before you start promoting your services and products as part of Via Dinarica, please consider the following guidelines on the Via Dinarica principles.

Via Dinarica communities are communities that value their culture and tradition and endeavor to preserve it. As Via Dinarica’s main attribute is its unique, diverse and amazingly beautiful nature, communities within the Dinaric Alps should promote and implement environmentally friendly practices with regards to waste management and energy efficiency and should initiate work on nature conservation.

Protected areas
Management of protected areas along the Via Dinarica should be in line with best practices and internationally recognized standards. All unsustainable activities, such as excessive logging, hunting and other activities that negatively impact biodiversity and cultural heritage must be discouraged. Local populations living within or in proximity of protected areas should have opportunities to benefit from tourism and other business activities in relation to the protected areas.


Households located along the Via Dinarica are encouraged to take part in tourism activities by providing accommodation and services to visitors. They are also expected to conduct their business in accordance with local laws and good standards. Locally made food, products and handicrafts should be offered to visitors, and these have been recognized as one of the highlights of the Via Dinarica. However, households need to be aware that the products and services they provide must meet the hygienic, cultural and individual preferences of the visitors. The households are also expected to follow environmentally sustainable practices, protect nature and refrain from illegal activities such as poaching, illegal logging and dumping waste in nature.

All accommodation services along the Via Dinarica should be registered in line with country legislation and the regulations of tourism boards and relevant institutions. Accommodation providers should continually strive to provide better services to local as well as to international guests. All accommodations are expected to make an effort to adopt environmentally friendly practices and support nature conservation.
Mountain huts, managed by outdoor clubs and associations, should have minimal impact on the environment including regarding human waste treatment and careful consumption of firewood and water. Garbage dumps in the vicinity of mountain huts are unacceptable.
The mountain hut is a place to rest after a long hiking day and refresh before undertaking the next adventure. Please respect guests’ needs for rest and do not party in the mountain huts. Be quiet during the night.

Via Dinarica offers a range of opportunities to experience the Dinaric Alps through several adventure and recreation activities. Via Dinarica can be experienced through hiking, biking, canoeing and several other activities on footground, water, rock, snow and even in the air. However, activities causing noise and emission of polluting gases in pristine natural environments, such as jeeps, ATVs and snow mobiles, are not sustainable practices. If you are a tour operator and you offer such activities, please remain in designated areas and do not disturb the fragile ecosystems and their natural equilibrium. Bear in mind that other people also have the right to enjoy nature, and that these areas are home to other living creatures whose existence is endangered.

There are three main Via Dinarica trails: White, Green, and Blue. They follow the natural direction of the Dinaric Alps along its geomorphological subdivisions while connecting its attractions such as natural and cultural highlights. It is impossible to include all Dinaric attractions into one trail, therefore trail variants, arteries and other trails are also important for experiencing Via Dinarica. Please note that only the main trails of Via Dinarica are branded and their establishment is based on consensus among regional and local partners, communities and outdoor clubs. However, as with other similar concepts worldwide, the Via Dinarica trails are not unalterable and they will be changed from time to time in order to promote other attractions as well. Please note that the changing and re-branding of trails is subject to agreement and consensus of the partners involved in the establishment of the Via Dinarica trails at regional and local levels.
Signage and blazing of all trails should be done in accordance with the rules and regulations of relevant authorities and internationally recognized guidelines. Environmental and aesthetic norms must be respected when establishing trails and setting up the signage.

Outdoor activities are potentially dangerous. All those involved, service providers as well as tourists, need to respect the principles of safety in the mountains and adventure sports. Everyone who wishes to experience Via Dinarica should contact local clubs or hire a certified guide.
Outdoor service providers must conduct their activities only with trained staff, certified by relevant authorities. Outdoor service providers should use only quality-approved equipment in line with instructions for usage.
Mountain rescue services should act responsibly and employ all reasonable efforts in case their assistance is needed. They should ensure that their staff is trained in line with best practices and the newest developments, and also equipped adequately in line with national and internationally recognized standards.

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Civil Society Organizations
All organizations of Civil Society that are considered part of the Via Dinarica initiative should promote collaboration and coordination within the Via Dinarica network, as well as environmentally friendly practices, nature conservations and sustainable development. They should support Via Dinarica communities and get involved in the cleaning, protecting, maintenance and establishment of the trails, shelters and other structures of interest for Via Dinarica.

Donors and Sponsors
Donors and sponsors are more than welcome to support Via Dinarica in any area of activity. Their role is crucial and the idea of Via Dinarica could not be realized and cannot live without them.
However, supporting projects or individuals that negatively influence the environment, nature, cultural heritage or rural communities, as well as projects that negatively impact the relationship and cooperation among the communities, are not seen as Via Dinarica friendly practices. 

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