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Right after we returned from our first long distance hike Te Araroa, we felt we want to continue. One month at home (skiing in fresh snow in May!) and we were getting ready for new challenge - Via Dinarica. It is a young trail/initiative that connects existing trails and trails-to-be over the ridge of Dinaric mountains.

Comparing to New Zealand, we had to consider few other challenges. Scarcity of water in karst mountains, dangerous wildlife (especially bears), landmines, sad reminder of recent war in former Yugoslavia, and less available info about the trail (not many people hiked this and even less published something online - Thanks Eva and Claire!).

We inspired Katka by our last adventure, so she was brave enough to ask for unpaid leave and happily joined us for whole trail. She is Kubo's sister and my good friend and we have plenty of outdoor experience together, so it was a welcome member of our group.

We hiked Via Dinarica from June to August 2017 from Croatia - Rijeka/Risnjak to Albania - Valbone plus our extension to Curraj i Eperm. We walked it continuously on feet  and even hiked sections which are suggested to be skipped (as they are not officially open yet). If we had to hitch/take taxi to town for resupply, we got back to the same spot and hiked on. We took our time, enjoyed zero days (even holiday by sea) and took a detour if it was worthy.

I am writing posts now, in September 2017, but I will backdate them. Going forward (for any new hike) I would love to update blog on the go.

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